Why do children need fostering?


Why do children need fostering?

Children and young people can come into care for a variety of different reasons but many are as a result of a lack of appropriate parenting.

We need foster carers who can provide a nurturing and caring environment for these children, to help give them the best opportunities for a happy and successful life in spite of their earlier experiences.

There is no such thing as a typical fostering situation so a child could be any age from new born to 18 years old and we are always looking for foster carers to care for teenagers and sibling groups allowing brothers and sisters to stay together.

Foster carers could help a family take a short break from their parental duties especially when their child has a medical condition, a physical or learning difficulty which may make parenting more challenging.

In other cases, the child may have been mistreated and cannot stay in the family home until the situation changes or the child may be brought to the attention of Fostering for Wolverhampton following an order by the courts.

Each child is a different case with their own particular needs, challenges and unique rewards for you as a foster carer.

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