Fostering Films

Fostering Films

A series of film collaborations that started in 2017 with Giants, which was supported by a small number of local authorities in the Midlands including the City of Wolverhampton Council and has now grown to a national project across England, reflecting the need to recruit more foster parents.

'Out there' film

The short film, called ‘Out there’, highlights the ways fostering can make a difference to the lives of everyone involved, from the children and young people who live with foster parents, to those who come forward to care for them.

'Childhood' film

The film shows the journey of ‘Sophie’ and ‘Charlie’ who are in a very difficult home situation, where their needs are not being met. It highlights the difference a foster parent can make to ensure they are cared for and allowed to have a “childhood”.

'Truth be told' film

The five minute film 'Truth be told', was launched by 15 local authorities across the West and East Midlands and looks at the true stories of two sets of children and their foster parents. The film briefly but honestly captures the highs and lows of fostering.

'There was a boy' film

'There was a boy' conveys that despite any preconceptions about young people, with love and guidance a life can be changed for the better. It shows how foster care can impact on a boy’s future and literally change a life and how rewarding that can be for the foster parent knowing that they have made a difference.