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Foster Care Fortnight 2024 #FCF24 - Recruitment Events

Foster Care Fortnight podcastDuring Foster Care Fortnight 2024, apart from being out and about in our communities recruiting new foster parents, Fostering For Wolverhampton want to celebrate the moments that define fostering journeys, both big and small. The moments that built confidence, made young people feel safe and created memories.

With this in mind, don’t forget to visit our Fostering For Wolverhampton Facebook page @FosteringForWolves throughout the fortnight (13 – 26 May 2024), where you will see some inspirational #FosteringMoments shared from the City of Wolverhampton’s growing family of foster parents. Be sure to look out for these posts on our Facebook page as we aim to show to every new foster parent, that every moment, no matter how big or how small is so very treasured and valued when fostering for the City of Wolverhampton Council!

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Meet the foster parents

Children and young people come into care for a variety of different reasons but many do so as a result of a lack of appropriate parenting. We need foster parents who can provide a nurturing and caring environment for these children, to help give them the best opportunities for a happy and successful life in spite of these experiences. Why foster?

Meet the foster parents

Our existing foster parents tell us fostering has been the 'experience of a lifetime' for them. Knowing that you are helping a young person build a better life for themselves by providing support at a time when they need it most, rightly gives you a great sense of achievement. But don’t take our word for it see what they say.

Already of fostering?

Joining Fostering for Wolverhampton is easier than you think? Every week we receive enquiries from people like you thinking of transferring to Wolverhampton. There are many reasons why people prefer to foster for the City of Wolverhampton Council, find out more here.

Foster families are helping to give scores of children in Wolverhampton the best possible future by offering them a supportive environment in a loving home. But more foster parents are urgently needed and with our excellent support and local training we are looking for people who can provide children with a safe, nurturing and loving home.