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Already fostering? Joining Fostering for Wolverhampton is easier than you think?

Every week we receive enquiries from people like you thinking of transferring to Wolverhampton. There are many reasons why people prefer to foster for the City of Wolverhampton Council including:

We are responsible for all children coming into care in the city, we place the children, so our foster parents are most likely to get regular placements

At Fostering for Wolverhampton, we always look to our own team of foster parents to provide placements for children who need one. We only look further afield when we have explored every possible solution to meet a child’s need from our own team first.

We don’t make a profit from fostering; our priority is to keep children safe

We are dedicated to keeping our foster parents supported financially and trained to be able to provide the best possible safe, nurturing care for Wolverhampton children.

We have an extensive, locally delivered, quality training package for the whole team

We understand that foster parents need a variety of training opportunities and as the Local Authority we are able to put on a wide range of local training to cover different issues that may be relevant to foster parents.

Our local team provides your support 24/7

All our foster parents benefit from their own allocated supervising social worker, based here in Wolverhampton. The support team social workers also cover the 24/7 helpline for our foster parents, meaning that you have local, team based support should an issue arise out of hours. As part of our team you also have access to other related support services such as Wolverhampton CAMHS and educational support services.

We value foster parents experiences and have significantly improved our financial package

We know that people don’t foster ‘for the money’ but we also understand that money is an important factor in most people’s lives. We pay a ‘fee per child’ to the fostering household for each child in placement alongside an ‘allowance’ for each child’s needs which are shown in the section payments and support. We also have annual anniversary payments for each child’s birthday and Christmas or festival. Most parents now find this is comparable to other fostering agencies - please do speak to us about this if you are unsure about anything.

We are a community - Our foster parents are a crucial part of our team.

We run our own monthly Foster Parents Forums and a number of other events throughout the year including an annual ‘For the love of fostering’ celebration event hosted by the Mayor of the City of Wolverhampton. All of these events recognise and celebrate the whole ‘fostering family’ including other children in the household, supportive relatives and the social work teams.